Improve Your Communication in 5 Steps

We have spent years learning how to read, write, and speak; yet what about listening? What training have we received that teaches us to deeply understand another human being and to be an exceptional listener?

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Kintsukuroi. Better Than I Was Before.

100_0887As with cups, bowls and plates, you endure bumps and scrapes. You experience knocks and drops, sometimes from extreme heights. You chip, crack, and sometimes break.

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How to Become a Courage Warrior in 3 Simple Steps

What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?

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8 Reason’s to Stop Multitasking Right Now!


So……you think you are good at doing several things at once? Think again!

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UnknownWe have a choice in every moment to focus on what brings us joy or what brings us misery.  We can fixate on a “woe is me” mindset, we can focus on the positive aspects of our lives, or somewhere in between.

The choice is ours and ours alone.

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