UnknownWe have a choice in every moment to focus on what brings us joy or what brings us misery.  We can fixate on a “woe is me” mindset, we can focus on the positive aspects of our lives, or somewhere in between.

The choice is ours and ours alone.

imagesWhen we’re feeling sad and experiencing a lack of joy, these moods are given as a gift to provide us clarity.  We just need to slow down and acknowledge them, then take stock as to what put us into this emotional state.

To learn to do this, start by identifying what emotions you’re feeling. What was the situation and/or person associated with these feelings? What was said/not said? What is fact and reality?  And, what are the stories we’re telling ourselves that may not be true?  These answers, as well as others, can help us to make decisions as to what we need or want to do next.

Our emotions provide us a constant stream of valuable messages…we just need to learn to listen to them.

images-1I believe in maintaining a positive mindset to keep us healthy, yet I also know that there are some people who struggle with deep depression. A positive mindset and assessment of emotions alone won’t shift their sadness.

You know I’m not a fan of our American culture of “take a pill to fix our ills.” I believe that most of us don’t take the time to become self-aware, to reach out to a mentor or a coach, to help us through temporary tough times. When we’re sad for a couple of days, we want a quick fix and we want it now.

images-5I get it, it’s not easy to put on a happy face when inside we are miserable and suffering in silence. We’ve tried having a positive mindset by focusing on the positives, yet we’re still feeling crappy.

After too much time in this state we will need to reach out to a professional for support and guidance.

I make this point because I believe we are all only human. We are each perfectly imperfect in our own unique way. To ask for help when we’ve tried what we can on our own, and we still cannot make changes is an act of true courage and strength.