Knowing Your Personality

 “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle


Knowing yourself is how the Personal Mastery journey begins. This concept is the foundation to understanding what makes you YOU! We all need to understand what makes us tic. What is our personality type? What are our beliefs? What are our values? What are our natural strengths? Understanding these components can help us lead happier and more fulfilled lives.

After writing this “Know Yourself” post I realized that I needed to break this foundational Personal Mastery concept into several posts – heck my design with this blog is to capture your attention, make you think, and to help you to understand who you truly are so that you may be the happiest and most successful you can be! Realistically, I also recognized that we are all busy and our attention span is limited. There is only so much that can be discussed in one post. 🙂


If you haven’t taken a personality quiz before, I highly recommend it. Your personality type is a part of your personal and professional “why.” Understanding your type is an opportunity to comprehend your deep-seated thoughts and unconscious processes. Here’s a site that is based off of Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers’ approach to personality that will help you discover your personality type.

What I enjoyed about this site was that not only did they provide detailed information regarding your personality, they review how your personality type relates to others in the workplace, what your ideal career is, how do you parent, types of friends and lovers you relate to as well as your overall strengths and weaknesses. (Note: I’m not a fan of focusing on one’s weaknesses but I am a fan of understanding how to manage around them. More to come on this topic when we review or natural strengths in another Know Yourself post.)

It has been several decades since I’ve taken a personality quiz. Interesting, but not surprising, is that the outcome to the quiz was exactly the same. Not one change! This is one more piece of proof that you cannot change your personality in adulthood. You can only change your actions and behaviors.

So here’s where the personal sharing happens…Let me stand up proud and tall first……

I’m a INFJ!

What INFJ stands for is: Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. I’m not a fan of the word judging but I also know that my Catholic upbringing instilled this trait in me. 😉

INFJ’s are fairly rare and have a strong humanitarian outlook. They tend to be idealists, prefer closure and completion, and are doers as well as dreamers. INFJ’s have a combination of vision and practicality which often results in taking on a disproportionate amount of responsibility. We are mistaken as extroverts because we are outgoing and genuinely interested in people. We enjoy having deep and long-term relationships with friends and family, have great empathy, and are champions of the oppressed and downtrodden. INFJ’s self-expression comes more easily to us on paper and we tend to have strong writing skills. Yup, this is me in a nutshell.

Yes…….I’m an INFJ and proud of it!!!

You might be asking….. How much does it cost to get access to this information? Access to both the quiz and the information is free! There is no time like the present… here to take the quiz, read about your personality type, and gain valuable feedback to who you are!!

I would love to hear from you after going through this exercise. Please post a comment and reply to one or all of these questions:

  1. What were your results?
  2. Did you find it accurate?
  3. What did you discover and learn about yourself with the quiz?

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